Teaching English pronunciation using technology

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Hana Vančová

Teaching English pronunciation using technology


Using technology for pronunciation training has always been popular; however, the current situation, when face-to-face learning had to be alternated with distance learning options, requires a more complex insight into the factors that influence its successful application
in the educational process. This monograph attempts to investigate some recent experience with teaching English pronunciation with technology from three perspectives: (1) a perspective of students of a phonetics and phonology course, (2) the experience
from an action research, and (3) the goals of pronunciation training as defined by general integrated skills English course books. The publication aims to formulate suggestions for practice based on the research presented in it.

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Buchinformation 1. Auflage Nov. 2021, ISBN 978-3-943906-59-2, 130 Seiten, Paperback Format 200x140 mm
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